Presentation – Austrian Geotech Kolloquium

John Reilly (left) presented an overview of management, contracting, partnering/alliancing and risk mitigation – for complex, underground projects – to the Austrian Geotechnical Kolloquium in Salzburg, October 13, 2000.  

Dr. Blindow, an Austrian Colleague (right), co-chaired the Session with Peter Teuscher, Project Manager of the Swiss Lotschberg Tunnel Project. The Kolloquium focused on Geotechnical and Quality issues in underground construction.

The various sections of the paper are presented in some detail in this website. You can click on the headings/links on the left side of the JRAI HOME page to read them.

John’s proposed integrated management approach was discussed with Austrian and Swiss engineers, including application possibilities for projects such as the 34.6 km twin tunnel Lotschberg project in Switzerland.

Another good example of the risk-reward alliancing method – the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, North Downs Project – was presented at the conference and discussed relative to John’s presentation. This project added to experience in alliancing, building on Sydney Water’s Northside Tunnel project by advancing the partnering/alliancing approach, using hard contractual agreements for management and teamwork with specific risk-reward (pain-gain) provisions.