Keynote @ 5th Int’l Tunneling Conference, Beijing (Nov 2000)

John Reilly presented a keynote address to the 5th International Tunneling Conference in Beijing, China in November.  

The address covered new approaches to management, contracting, partnering/alliancing, change, disputes resolution and risk mitigation for complex, underground and infrastructure projects. The presentation outlined an integrated re-engineering approach for the project delivery process.

The various sections of the paper are presented in some detail in this website  you can click on the headings/links on the left side of the John Reilly / Associates International HOME page to read them.

The proposed integrated management approach has potential to improve cost, schedule and quality of complex underground and infrastructure projects. It is proposed to test this by theoretical comparison of the proposed changes and their affect on current known projects. Discussions are underway, with international groups, as to how best to do this.

Following the presentation, discussions were held with Senior Chinese Engineers from the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Hydropower and Water Resources regarding future underground construction works in China and possibilities for improvements through cooperation with international associations.

Photo courtesy of QA Photos