John continues to research and address cost, risk, contracting, delivery, alliancing and program management implementation. See updates and links on the HOME page.

He also continues to consult on specific programs and partnering. Most recently he contributed to a report for Sound Transit in Seattle, related to cost estimating and management to budget. Topics addressed in an appendix to that report, written by John, included: management requirements and elements, CEVP risk-based cost estimating, risk management and, team alignment for megaprojects.

These recommendations can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


John has continued to advance contracting, delivery, risk and risk-based cost estimating (CEVP & RIAAT) including: Development of a process to assess the very low probability of collapse, after dewatering, of the 1940 Delaware Tunnel, a major water supply to New York city; CEVP process updates as applied to a major airport program in Lima Peru; input text for an eBook to train US cost estimators in risk-based cost estimating.

He authored an article on procurement of TBMs, written as an update to an paper presented at the ITA Conference in Vienna, 1997 (which is still valid). That article addressed “Owner Responsibilities in the Selection of Tunnel Boring Machines” including the implications of performance vs. prescriptive contracting and was used as input to international presentations on this subject 1998 – 2003.

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