Senior Program Management Review

HNTB has a contract to provide Program Management services for the multi-billion-dollar Georgia Highway Program. John reviewed the Program Management Office’s leadership, organization, structure, guidance documents, implementation of contracting (multiple methods), risk management and team-alignment. He interviewed senior management and documented responses by key categories – related to success factors – and developed recommendations from his work on comparable megaprojects.

I-285 EL Proposal and Segments

Image Credit: Georgia Department of Transportation

Subsequent to the report, which was very well received, he has advanced an understanding of megaproject success and failure factors. He is working with the PMO office to advance this understanding and apply it to the program – to identify what is working well and which areas or processes need improvement.

2023, MWRA Boston Tunnels, Advanced Risk Processes, HNTB Corporation

John is providing risk management and program optimization assistance to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s water tunnel program, which consists of approximately 14 miles of deep rock tunnels and surface connections, to provide redundancy for Boston’s water supply.

John continues research and publication of papers, most recently for the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference in Boston, June 2023. His paper, written with colleagues from RiskConsult In Austria, presents a summary of the last 30 years of advancements in tunneling risk management, an integrated probabilistic cost-schedule estimating program and new digital-twin capabilities. You can download this paper from the HOME page.

John is also working in a strategic assistance role with HNTB Corporation, related to their National Tunnel Practice, in the areas of megaproject delivery, risk management, contracting and delivery.


John continues to research and address cost, risk, contracting, delivery, alliancing and program management implementation. See updates and links on the HOME page.

He also continues to consult on specific programs and partnering. Most recently he contributed to a report for Sound Transit in Seattle, related to cost estimating and management to budget. Topics addressed in an appendix to that report, written by John, included: management requirements and elements, CEVP risk-based cost estimating, risk management and, team alignment for megaprojects.

These recommendations can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Current Activities; Probabilistic Risk-based Estimating; Mentoring

prbeJohn is generally retired but continues to engage in professional activities including research and publication of topics of interest including management, contracting and risk for complex infrastructure and underground projects. He recently wrote a paper on “Tunnel Boring Machine Procurement, Risk and Technology Advancement” which was published online in TunnelTalk, November 5, (

This year he completed the text for, and input to, an interactive eBook which is an introduction to risk-based cost estimating procedures, sponsored by the National Highway Institute for the US Federal Highway Administration. The eBook and related course training are expected to be completed in early 2021.

John is in communication with colleagues from recent projects and young professionals who he has helped and/or mentored during and after project development. These colleagues are in North America and several international countries. A focus is the advancement of women in infrastructure, for example web-broadcasts regarding career development in science and engineering.

Lima Airport, Peru –
Risk Management, Team Alignment, Partnering

John provided risk management and risk process implementation services for Lima Airport Partners’ new terminal and runway in Lima Peru, including advanced risk identification, response, mitigation and implementation processes. He also defined Team Alignment, Partnering and consulted regarding program contracting, procurement and delivery.

For short videos about the Airport see following:

Source: Lima Airport Partners
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For more information visit the official Lima Airport Web Site.

Papers and Presentations, 2016

John has written new papers for 2016 which are published in the International Tunneling Association’s conference proceedings. The papers deal with:

“Megaprojects – 50 years, what have we learned?”
“Risk Management – Correlation and Dependencies for Planning, Design and Construction”

You can download these papers from the Home page.