Service areas include:

  • Management and Organizational Planning
  • Cost-Risk / Probabilistic Cost Estimating
  • Strategic Alternatives & Evaluations
  • Risk Management, Identification and Mitigation
  • Public Agency Program Management Assistance
  • Partnering, Alliancing and Team-building
  • Mediation and Disputes Review
  • Project Management Oversight
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Project Control and Reporting Systems
  • Engineering Criteria
  • Implementation of Advanced Technologies
  • Value Engineering
  • Configuration Management
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control


  • Transit and Highway Systems
  • Underground Construction
  • Tunnels and Tunneling
  • Vehicle and Systems procurements
  • Industry Representation

Goals – to maximize your project or program by improving performance in the areas of cost, schedule, quality, risk and meeting functional requirements.

Focus – the prevention of problems by strategic, anticipatory, well-structured management and control plans, partnering and alliancing, dispute resolution, risk mitigation and value engineering.

Skills include management, management plans, organization and organizational alternatives, strategic planning, partnering, alliancing, team-building and team “alignment”, engineering management, engineering coordination, production controls, contract compliance, design criteria, design policies and procedures, risk identification and mitigation, value engineering and the application of advanced engineering and construction technologies.

Service Focus Areas are listed on the left above- click on one of interest – or find a project similar to yours in the projects section for more information. For more specific information, contact John at the address below.