John Reilly ITA Working Group 13 Animateur

At the May 2000 International Tunnelling Association Conference in Durban, South Africa, John Reilly – President of the American Underground Construction Association – was appointed Animateur (Chair) of ITA Working Group (WG) 13.  

ITA WG13 studied the “Direct and Indirect Benefits of Underground Structures”. The Working Group members collected very extensive data for 28 Cities in 18 countries and 4 continents while researching the topic Underground or Above-Ground? – Making the Choice for Urban Mass Transit Systems.

This data showed great variation of the data and regional characteristics which does not allow a simple understanding of underground transit system planning and decision-making. However, from this data, the Working Group developed criteria and considerations which are useful to politicians, policy makers, planners, engineers and infrastructure managers.

If you are interesting in this question, or can contribute information, please contact John (using the email links in this web-site).

(Photo courtesy of QA Photos)