John Reilly Keynote Speaker, Sydney ITA Conference 2002

John Reilly World Tunnel CongressJohn Reilly gave the opening keynote address for the Management Track at the opening of the International Tunneling Association/Australian Underground Construction and Tunneling Association’s “DownUnder2002” Conference on March 4th, 2002.  

It was a pleasure for John to give this address in his birth-city with his mother and sister in the audience. The address summarized recent developments and future possibilities for better management of complex infrastructure and underground projects focusing on cost management, cost validation, partnering, alliancing and risk management.

John, at that time Animateur of ITA’s Working Group 13 “Direct and Indirect Advantages of Underground Structures” submitted the final draft of the Group’s Report “Making the Choice for Mass Transit Systems – Aboveground or Underground” at the ITA Conference.

John was then asked, by the ITA Executive, to create and lead a new Working Group, Number 20, with the topic “Urban Problems – Underground Solutions”. The Working Group members met and organized to conduct a survey of Urban Problems related to Underground Solutions and to produce an initial deliverable in April 2003, at the ITA Amsterdam Conference.