2023, MWRA Boston Tunnels, Advanced Risk Processes, HNTB Corporation

John is providing risk management and program optimization assistance to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s water tunnel program, which consists of approximately 14 miles of deep rock tunnels and surface connections, to provide redundancy for Boston’s water supply.

John continues research and publication of papers, most recently for the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference in Boston, June 2023. His paper, written with colleagues from RiskConsult In Austria, presents a summary of the last 30 years of advancements in tunneling risk management, an integrated probabilistic cost-schedule estimating program and new digital-twin capabilities. You can download this paper from the HOME page.

John is also working in a strategic assistance role with HNTB Corporation, related to their National Tunnel Practice, in the areas of megaproject delivery, risk management, contracting and delivery.