John Reilly,  
Transitions 2014-15

John transitioned his practice in 2014 to re-align and reduce consulting activities, after 50 years of infrastructure management, design and construction – including 27 years of high-level consulting on major projects. He now consults on more specialized applications related to risk, contracting and delivery and dispute resolution.

Projects in 2014-15 included partnering and team-alignment for the Green Line transit extension in Boston, risk management oversight for the Lake Mead Tunnel in Nevada,  partnering for the Confederation LRT Project in Ottawa and, risk advisory services for the New York DEP Delaware tunnel.

John also worked on papers on cost and risk for 2015 (ITA and RETC) and established a research topic, in preparation for papers to be presented at the International Tunneling Conference in San Francisco in April, 2016. This research has built on previous work for Megaprojects and included topics of management, strategy, organization, cost, risk, contracting and procurement strategies and management to budget, with specific attention to risk inter-relationships, correlations and dependencies.

You can download John’s 2013 presentations at the Fox Conference (New York, January) and at the Cutting Edge Megaprojects Conference (Seattle, November) using the links on the home page.

My thanks to all clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers who have helped to make these projects successful over the years. It is always a team effort.